Into the Eifel, aboard the Vulkan-Express

Steaming through the Eifel on a Sunday afternoon. What more could I want? The Eifel, one of my favorite regions. Steam trains, a reminder of my childhood. A lovely journey on a narrow-gauge railway, starting near the River Rhine, continuing along the Brohltal, deep into the Eifel. Continue reading

Bonn’s Cherry Blossoms

For quite some time, I have been thinking that I should write a blog post about Bonn. In the first few years that I lived here, I went to see almost everything it had to offer, but I never wrote about it. Blogging came later in my life. And now, I often use Bonn as the perfect base for discovering Europe and places that I never dreamt I would so easily be able to visit. One day I will write about Bonn, there is so much I would like to tell you. But not today. Instead, I will just share some pictures that I took in the old town last night, which show one aspect of its beauty. Continue reading