This Old Balcony

I’m going to miss this old balcony. In particular, I’m going to miss the satellite dish on this balcony. It provides me a direct connection back home and allows me to collapse on my sofa to watch hours of TV every week. But now I’m moving on. Now we are moving on. My new apartment has no room for my beloved satellite dish and I have just discovered it will also take a few weeks to set up my internet.  This freedom provides me with an opportunity to do some great things, a few of which I have decided to share with you.

Inspired by a post on Live to Write – Write to Live I will batten down the hatches – not necessarily from the snow, although there is plenty forecast, but also from the carnival which here in the Rhineland is massive, crazy and not suitable for reserved English men like me! My apartment is right in the middle of town, so I will turn up the music, find a comfy chair and read books, lots of books. In preparing to move house, we have discovered a huge pile of books that I’ve never read. Most of them are years old, but alluring all the same.

I will also throw myself into my jogging.  I have joined a running club and I find it so uplifting to push myself as I run – for the first time since leaving school – further and further each week and along the delightful banks of the Rhine. It is refreshing to see such a large group of runners who take it so seriously with all the paraphernalia and enthusiasm you could wish for. We fill the paths with a long trail of runners that from high above would look like a giant centipede gradually working its way through the park. The shouts of caution, as other runners, cyclists, walkers and power-walkers cross our path, are passed back down the line as we all look out for each other on the dark winter evenings. I don’t know why, but I often find myself running with a smile as it is so different to what I have ever experienced back home, and it is also a delightful way to learn little bits of German, which leads me on to my next point.

Even though I won’t have a satellite dish or internet, I will hopefully have terrestrial TV, meaning I can once again make a determined effort to improve my German language skills. I have been here for six years, so it is not a moment too soon! Whilst I have a fairly demanding job – which I love by the way – I will also have lots of me time, so no more excuses! I will also be living next door to a friendly little restaurant and opposite a charming old Weinstube, giving me plenty of chances to practice the local language.

Finally, I will finish off a few of those family history blog posts that I have started but not finished. Some are partly written and privately published in WordPress. Some are on my computer written up in Microsoft Word. Some are just scribbled down on paper or in my head. But it’s time to finish those off so that in the spring, I can concentrate on writing more about this wonderful continent upon which I live!

And that’s it from me for now.
Best wishes, Chris 🙂

My old balcony

My old balcony

 All pictures and text. © Chris Robinson 2014. All rights reserved.


9 thoughts on “This Old Balcony

  1. claudiakottmann

    Hi Chris! I hope to read more from you – I really enjoy it. Where do you move to? I assume you stay in our beloved Rhineland though? And hey: If you need some professional introduction to Carneval suitable for Brits, Finns and Germans alike just let me know 🙂

    1. Chris Robinson Post author

      Hi Claudia, nice to hear from you. I will only be moving just down the road, so I can still enjoy the delights of the carnival! 🙂 We are also going to have a small base in the UK too which is why it is such a big move! But it should be fun spending time in both countries! Cheers, Chris


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