The Cold Mountain Air

Have you ever felt the need for some cold, fresh air, the type that can only be found in the mountains? I had a free weekend ahead of me and wanted to go somewhere like this. I sat at my computer, making a very poor effort at finding somewhere to go, when I read a blog post about the Neuschwanstein Castle. That was it. I booked a hotel online, threw a few things in an overnight bag, grabbed my camera and set off as quickly as I could – so quickly that I forgot my glasses, which is why I am quite pleased with the pictures that I took!

After a few hours driving, the rugged mountains suddenly appeared on the distant horizon. I felt an excitement that lifted my spirits after the long drive and I began to accelerate. I couldn’t wait to get there! Memories of fantastic skiing holidays came flooding back. Oh how I love the mountains! By now it was about 4 p.m. and the distant mountains were already casting a shadow over the gentle slopes through which I was now hurrying. The sky was blue but for a few wispy clouds that were glowing orangey red from the sun which had disappeared behind the snow-covered peaks. If the castle would be lit up this colour I thought, it would look wonderful. But then the mountainous roads began to slow me down and I realised that I would have to wait until another time to picture the evening sunset in the Bavarian Alps…

Before checking in at my hotel, I went straight to the castles to get some night-time shots. After walking up a dark steep road for about 30 minutes, I managed to get some good photos, but not as good as the ones I took from my bedroom at the Hanselewirt hotel, which, as it turns out, has a great view of the castle! Nevermind, I am sure the walk did me good!


There are actually two castles in the area. The other one is Hohenschwangau Castle, and this couldn’t be seen from my hotel window, so the effort I made before checking in was worth while I think…


The next morning, I was chatting to the waitress at breakfast and she told me how warm the weather had been recently. The thick frost on my car windscreen told a slightly different story, but she was correct and the lack of snow meant that the nearby ski lifts were not in operation, so I had to climb the frozen slopes on foot to get the photos of the castle that I wanted. Afterwards, I went back to the car and decided to take a little drive further into the mountains. The roads weaved their way in and out of Germany and Austria, so much so that most of the time, I didn’t actually know which country I was in. But in a region as beautiful as this, that is really not very important!

IMG_1396 IMG_1389 IMG_1384

But the main reason I came here was for the Neuschwanstein castle and its mountain setting in Germany. So here are a couple more pictures I took just after breakfast. Hopefully you can see why I made the effort and spent most of my weekend in the car! 🙂

IMG_1316 IMG_1359

All pictures and text. © Chris Robinson 2015. All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “The Cold Mountain Air

  1. InsiderAccountant

    We went in 2008, and at the time I thought it was one of the best tourist sites I’d ever seen. I guess I still think that even today!

    The setting really is amazing, and you are very lucky to live so close that you can just decide to go!

  2. Sarah Brentyn

    Ah! I completely adore castles! The only ones I’ve visited are in the UK (not that I’m complaining).
    Gorgeous photos and sounds like a lovely holiday in the mountains. ❤️

    1. Chris Robinson Post author

      Thanks Sarah. The castles in the UK are wonderful. I used to live near Warwick castle and always loved visiting, but I think I would appreciate them even more now that I am a little older!

  3. The Mom Who Runs

    Lovely! We had the great fortune to visit friends stationed near Kaiserslauten last year for the holidays and visited the castle at Heidelberg. It was amazing! We plan to go back, but will wait now until our youngest (6 mo) is a bit older. Happy trails and look forward to more of your work!

    1. Chris Robinson Post author

      Many thanks Sara. I went to a football game at Kaiserslauten and had a few hours in the nearby Deutsche Weinstraße, where we enjoyed a meal amongst the vineyards. But I’ve never been to Heidelberg, although I have heard it is very nice. I hope you do get to return here when your youngest is little older! 🙂


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