The Molli

Don’t you think that’s a really sweet name for a railway? Its full name is Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli, which is a little more tricky for those of us who are not native German speakers. This charming little railway runs along a small section of the Baltic coast in northern Germany, between the towns of Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn.

I first arrived at Heiligendamm in the middle of some very heavy snow, so I decided to check into a small hotel and make a full weekend of it. A large part of the Baltic Sea is surrounded by land, which includes the countries of Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Russia and the Baltic states. I imagined that this would make it cold here in winter, and that the sea would be much calmer than the adjoining North Sea that often batters the east coast of Great Britain. I’m not sure if this is factually correct, but on this occasion, my theory had served me well, and if it hadn’t been for the sub-zero temperatures, then taking a dip in the quiet sea waters might have been very tempting.

Heiligendamm is the oldest seaside town in Germany, with grand white buildings that remind us of the aristocrats who once bathed in its coastal waters. But as attractive and interesting as this town is, on this occasion I was here for a different reason. The railway first caught my attention when I saw it on TV, with the train travelling through a narrow pedestrianized town centre. Imagine that, going to do a little shopping and being passed by a steam train. That’s my kind of town and my kind of shopping!

Here are a few photos that I hope will give you a small taste of how delightful it is here, even in the winter!

IMG_1705 IMG_1700 IMG_1678 IMG_1609 IMG_1717IMG_1651IMG_1666IMG_1674

All pictures and text. © Chris Robinson 2016. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on “The Molli

  1. jan

    Coincidentally I just wrote about Wismar which is another town along the Baltic – at one time many of those towns were seaside resorts as the water in summer is considered “temperate.” The first picture of the train is incredible – could be a Christmas card.

    1. Chris Robinson Post author

      Many thanks for your feedback Jan! I will look out for your post about Wismar – I’ve never been there, but I am very keen to return to that area for a longer stay, so perhaps I will see it next time I’m there…


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