Driving through the Eifel

I wanted to squeeze one more drop of snow out of this winter, and headed for the local hills. I drove through a landscape that sometimes reminds me of the English Cotswolds, although in reality, it is very different to the English Cotswolds. The undulating roads take you through picturesque towns and villages that nestle peacefully in the gentle hills. Most towns have at least one church. Some towns have a castle. And a few towns are encircled by fortified walls. Bad Münstereifel has all of these features, and I walked around the ramparts of the medieval town, along a narrow, well-maintained and centuries-old walkway with wonderful views of the buildings below. Down in the town, I discovered a more reliable reminder of something English…


After visiting Bad Münstereifel, I continued my journey through the Eifel, heading towards Belgium. This area, like much of Germany, is quiet on Sundays, with most shops and businesses closed. And on days like today, it can seem especially quiet – it’s too warm for the good snow that attracts people here with their sledges or skis, and too cold for any hope of a pleasant walk among the spring flowers. Here are a few more pictures of drive through the region, including one of an unexpected carnival parade…

IMG_2048 IMG_2051 IMG_2057IMG_2067IMG_2093

Finally, I reach Monschau. What can I say about Monschau? It’s simply beautiful, and many of the shops and restaurants are open, even on a cold Sunday afternoon. I will return and write more about this charming little town close to the border with Belgium…

IMG_2077 IMG_2081 IMG_2089

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

All pictures and text. © Chris Robinson 2016. All rights reserved.


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