An overnight stay in Eastbourne

I am sat on a ferry reflecting on a lovely couple of weeks in England. One of the highlights was a short break in Eastbourne, where the four of us stayed in the Cavendish hotel.

Our two rooms had large glass windows, floor to ceiling, wall to wall, overlooking the sea. We pulled backed the net curtains to reveal almost unbroken views of the English Channel, and debated whether we could just see France on the horizon. In reality we probably couldn’t, but it was uplifting to be with my family on the island where I was born and almost within touching distance of Europe, the continent that I love. We immediately said that we wished we had booked to stay for longer.

We found Eastbourne to be very pleasant indeed. The road which runs along the sea front was quiet and peaceful; we looked out of our window later that night, and all we could see was the gentle glow of the decorative lights that hang between the street lamps, casting their light on the palm trees and gardens, which run alongside the beach. We looked for several minutes and there was barely a car to be seen, parked or driving, and all we could hear was the soothing sound of the waves carefully washing the pebble beach. The next day, after delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, we went for a stroll around town.

We then decided to head back to Brighton, only instead of using the main roads, we took the coastal route. This was a great decision, and just outside of Eastbourne, we pulled over to explore the wonderful scenery that we found ourselves in. We wandered along the dramatic coastal footpath at Beachy Head, with amazing views of the chalk cliffs, called The Seven Sisters, which jut out from the Sussex countryside towards the sea. I have seen many English gardens with perfectly kept lawns, lovingly maintained by truly dedicated gardeners, but even they might be envious of the natural grassland that covers these rolling hills and headlands.

Anyway, my ferry is about to depart, and then my mobile signal will soon fade. So now I must end this short post and leave you with a few pictures that will explain better than my words why I liked this area so much.

Best wishes,


IMG_2296 IMG_2301 IMG_2314 IMG_2318 IMG_2326 IMG_2328 IMG_2338 IMG_2351

All pictures and text. © Chris Robinson 2016. All rights reserved.


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