A few words about this blog and me…

Hello and welcome to my blog.

The idea of being a writer is something that has interested me for several years. I had crazy dreams that I could sit in the courtyard of my sun-drenched French farmhouse, glasses perched on the end of my nose, listening to the distant sound of church bells and writing the next chapter of my novel before enjoying the local olives, cheese, bread and wine for supper.

I attended a couple of short writing courses and started a journal in which I scribbled down ideas for stories. But for various reasons, I lost interest for some years, until 2013, when I realised that using a blog could be an outlet for my creativity as well as an opportunity to share my experiences of living abroad.

This has re-ignited my interest in writing and I now have fun sharing posts and pictures from Germany and the UK.

I hope you find something of interest here and thank you for visiting!

Best wishes,