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Reflections from Bavaria

I downloaded a dozen or so podcasts, jumped in my car and headed south in search of inspiration for my writing and photography.
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This Old Balcony

I’m going to miss this old balcony. In particular, I’m going to miss the satellite dish on this balcony. It provides me a direct connection back home and allows me to collapse on my sofa to watch hours of TV every week. But now I’m moving on. Now we are moving on. My new apartment has no room for my beloved satellite dish and I have just discovered it will also take a few weeks to set up my internet.  This freedom provides me with an opportunity to do some great things, a few of which I have decided to share with you. Continue reading

A very musical and festive weekend…

Last Friday, we went to the Nikolausmarkt at Beuel to see a local band play. The market was in a small square overlooked by a church, and as soon as the bells stopped ringing, the band began to play. The music immersed us into the local culture and this made the market feel quite unlike some of the bigger and busier ones we normally visit. The smell of fried food, the cold night air and the lovely decorations reminded us this was indeed a Christmas market. Continue reading

A Cup of Coffee and Three Mountains

I had planned to go and spend the weekend in Heiligendamm in the north of Germany to see the Baltic coast and a narrow gauge steam railway called the Molli Bahn. But then my neighbours invited me for coffee and cake and, as I have been on my own a lot lately, I decided to take the more sociable option and joined them on Saturday afternoon.

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A Peaceful Walk

I think it’s fair to say that we are going through a difficult time at the moment, and on Sunday we decided to lift our spirits by walking our dog in an area where we could feel a little closer to God. As we drove down the road which follows the river Rhine, we noticed the St. Apollinaris church in Remagen, and on the spur of the moment, chose to base our walk around this.

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Late Summer in the Rhineland

I woke up early last Sunday morning and, inspired by the gorgeous September sun, decided to write about what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks. For some reason, there is a medieval theme that runs through this which I hope you will find interesting…

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