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Bonn’s Cherry Blossoms

For quite some time, I have been thinking that I should write a blog post about Bonn. In the first few years that I lived here, I went to see almost everything it had to offer, but I never wrote about it. Blogging came later in my life. And now, I often use Bonn as the perfect base for discovering Europe and places that I never dreamt I would so easily be able to visit. One day I will write about Bonn, there is so much I would like to tell you. But not today. Instead, I will just share some pictures that I took in the old town last night, which show one aspect of its beauty. Continue reading


An overnight stay in Eastbourne

I am sat on a ferry reflecting on a lovely couple of weeks in England. One of the highlights was a short break in Eastbourne, where the four of us stayed in the Cavendish hotel. Continue reading

Driving through the Eifel

I wanted to squeeze one more drop of snow out of this winter, and headed for the local hills. I drove through a landscape that sometimes reminds me of the English Cotswolds, although in reality, it is very different to the English Cotswolds. Continue reading

The Cold Mountain Air

Have you ever felt the need for some cold, fresh air, the type that can only be found in the mountains? I had a free weekend ahead of me and wanted to go somewhere like this. I sat at my computer, making a very poor effort at finding somewhere to go, when I read a blog post about the Neuschwanstein Castle. That was it. I booked a hotel online, threw a few things in an overnight bag, grabbed my camera and set off as quickly as I could – so quickly that I forgot my glasses, which is why I am quite pleased with the pictures that I took!
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Early Evening in Frankfurt am Main

I was in Frankfurt sitting an exam earlier this week and after I had finished, I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a few pictures of this important European city to share with you! Ever since I wrote about Romanticism and the Rhine Valley, a post with over two thousand words, I’ve focused much more on photography than writing, partly to improve my camera skills and partly because it’s a real pleasure to photograph Germany during the wonderful season of Advent. The cities that I have visited – this is the third from where I have recently posted night-time pictures – are clean, attractive and I always feel at ease wandering around, even when fumbling in the dark with my camera and all its paraphernalia to prepare for the next shot! 🙂

Here are some of those pictures of Frankfurt…

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A Night in Düsseldorf

There is a certain amount of rivalry between the two German cities of Cologne and Düsseldorf, so I decided to follow-up my post about Cologne with one about Düsseldorf to show that I am neutral! I went on a busy Friday evening while the Christmas Markets were open, which made it very pretty to photograph but a bit of a challenge to avoid including the many passers-by in my pictures. 
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The Colourful Lights of Cologne

A few hours ago, I decided to go in search of the city lights to brighten up a cold November evening. I have written about Cologne before, but this time I wanted an opportunity to learn how to use my camera without relying on the automatic settings. Cologne rarely disappoints me, and this evening it was perfect. The city was unusually quiet, except for a few workmen making last-minute preparations for the Christmas markets that will open tomorrow. These empty markets provided plenty of colourful lights for my photographs – I hope you like them! 🙂
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