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Into the Eifel, aboard the Vulkan-Express

Steaming through the Eifel on a Sunday afternoon. What more could I want? The Eifel, one of my favorite regions. Steam trains, a reminder of my childhood. A lovely journey on a narrow-gauge railway, starting near the River Rhine, continuing along the Brohltal, deep into the Eifel. Continue reading


Driving through the Eifel

I wanted to squeeze one more drop of snow out of this winter, and headed for the local hills. I drove through a landscape that sometimes reminds me of the English Cotswolds, although in reality, it is very different to the English Cotswolds. Continue reading

German Engineering

Whilst out with friends on Friday, I found myself talking about BBC Radio 4 shipping forecasts and trade deficit figures, and even though we managed to have a laugh about this, we all agreed that I needed to get out more! Now I’m not sure a weekend visiting German railways was quite what everyone had in mind, but that’s exactly what I decided to do.  Continue reading

Late Summer in the Rhineland

I woke up early last Sunday morning and, inspired by the gorgeous September sun, decided to write about what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks. For some reason, there is a medieval theme that runs through this which I hope you will find interesting…

Continue reading