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Between Storms

Not long after Storms Gertrude and Henry, and hours before Storm Imogen, I was able to pop out for a little while to remind myself that this is still a beautiful part of the world, despite a seemingly endless succession of storms this winter.
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Pictures of a year in England and Germany

I started this blog so that I could write. But photography has become equally important to me, and quite possibly, it is my photographs more than my words that attract visitors to my site. So I decided to go through the hundreds of digital photographs, all destined for the archives, to find just a few more worth sharing. Because I try not to publish pictures of people, then this small collection is mainly from the animal world, but I hope you agree that our animal friends make some rather nice pictures too.
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A Day in Portsmouth

This was the first outing for my new camera. Perhaps I should apologise in advance to the city of Portsmouth, for I chose to visit when the sky was grey, before I had read the camera’s instruction manual, and when I was unable to enter and photograph the historic dockyard because we had taken our dog with us. Continue reading

Between the Wars in Birmingham – Part 4

Photo: Broad Street, Five Ways, date unknown (credit: BirminghamLives Archive).

This edited extract from my nan’s hand-written notes provides an example of the hard work women had to endure almost a century ago in Birmingham. To understand its context more fully, you may first like to read part 1 of this series.

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Between the Wars in Birmingham – Part 3

Photo: Five Ways Junction in 1926 (credit: BirminghamLives Archive).

Emily Louise Robinson continued her story at her new house at Victoria Terrace, Osler Street, in Ladywood. As I have mentioned before, I have edited her original notes a little and owe a big thank you to local historian Carl Chinn who provided information and pictures to help me understand the context to this more fully. This is a story of how ordinary people struggled to survive in Britain’s second largest city just after the Great War, but I think it is also a story of a close-knit community where people lived, played, relaxed, traded, or worked together in the local area.

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Between The Wars in Birmingham – Part 2

This is the second post about my nan’s childhood in Birmingham and the difficult conditions for many people who lived in this industrial city just after the First World War. I have once again made some small editorial changes to her original handwritten notes and added some photos which I hope help to present her work. The first post can be found here.

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