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The Watercress Line

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Pictures of a year in England and Germany

I started this blog so that I could write. But photography has become equally important to me, and quite possibly, it is my photographs more than my words that attract visitors to my site. So I decided to go through the hundreds of digital photographs, all destined for the archives, to find just a few more worth sharing. Because I try not to publish pictures of people, then this small collection is mainly from the animal world, but I hope you agree that our animal friends make some rather nice pictures too.
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October in Hampshire, England

I have been here many times before. My family moved here from the industrial West Midlands several years ago. Now my daughter lives here too. Most of my recent visits have been at Christmas or Easter for busy family get-togethers. Whilst I always enjoyed being in this area, I had been here so often that I perhaps took it for granted. And now I’m a blogger – did I really just say that – always looking for something to write about. Now I’m here whilst it feels like summer, even though it’s autumn. So I felt an urge to pop out and take some pictures that I could share with you. I think I should get a job with the English tourist board. Maybe not. Anyway, here you go, some images of this area. I hope you enjoy them! Continue reading