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Reflections from Bavaria

I downloaded a dozen or so podcasts, jumped in my car and headed south in search of inspiration for my writing and photography.
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More Big Decisions…

After deciding to fulfil a lifetime ambition and move abroad, we began a long journey into the unknown. It was both exciting and scary, but most of all, exciting.

This photograph, taken on one of our house and school-finding weekends before we moved here, symbolizes the start of the journey and the emotion I feel for the way our children put their total trust in us. I am proud of them for how they embraced this challenge, but I also feel responsible for not providing them with an easier childhood.

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Living Abroad – the first few months

Spring 2009. I can often be heard muttering the words bloody Unkräuter as I work my way slowly through the jungle of weeds that engulf our new home. These are not your normal weeds. These are a German version of the ground elder with a vast network of roots that seem to stretch the full length and breadth of our garden.

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