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Into the Eifel, aboard the Vulkan-Express

Steaming through the Eifel on a Sunday afternoon. What more could I want? The Eifel, one of my favorite regions. Steam trains, a reminder of my childhood. A lovely journey on a narrow-gauge railway, starting near the River Rhine, continuing along the Brohltal, deep into the Eifel. Continue reading


An overnight stay in Eastbourne

I am sat on a ferry reflecting on a lovely couple of weeks in England. One of the highlights was a short break in Eastbourne, where the four of us stayed in the Cavendish hotel. Continue reading

Driving through the Eifel

I wanted to squeeze one more drop of snow out of this winter, and headed for the local hills. I drove through a landscape that sometimes reminds me of the English Cotswolds, although in reality, it is very different to the English Cotswolds. Continue reading

The Molli

Don’t you think that’s a really sweet name for a railway? Its full name is Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli, which is a little more tricky for those of us who are not native German speakers. This charming little railway runs along a small section of the Baltic coast in northern Germany, between the towns of Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn.
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Snow Train to Brocken

I last visited the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (HSB) in the summer of 2014. It’s interesting to compare the photos I took back then with the ones in this post. In places like this, the landscape can change dramatically between the seasons and, as beautiful as it was in the summer, I always thought it would be magical at this time of year.
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