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Into the Eifel, aboard the Vulkan-Express

Steaming through the Eifel on a Sunday afternoon. What more could I want? The Eifel, one of my favorite regions. Steam trains, a reminder of my childhood. A lovely journey on a narrow-gauge railway, starting near the River Rhine, continuing along the Brohltal, deep into the Eifel. Continue reading


An overnight stay in Eastbourne

I am sat on a ferry reflecting on a lovely couple of weeks in England. One of the highlights was a short break in Eastbourne, where the four of us stayed in the Cavendish hotel. Continue reading

The Molli

Don’t you think that’s a really sweet name for a railway? Its full name is Mecklenburgische Bäderbahn Molli, which is a little more tricky for those of us who are not native German speakers. This charming little railway runs along a small section of the Baltic coast in northern Germany, between the towns of Bad Doberan, Heiligendamm and Kühlungsborn.
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Early Evening in Frankfurt am Main

I was in Frankfurt sitting an exam earlier this week and after I had finished, I couldn’t resist the temptation to take a few pictures of this important European city to share with you! Ever since I wrote about Romanticism and the Rhine Valley, a post with over two thousand words, I’ve focused much more on photography than writing, partly to improve my camera skills and partly because it’s a real pleasure to photograph Germany during the wonderful season of Advent. The cities that I have visited – this is the third from where I have recently posted night-time pictures – are clean, attractive and I always feel at ease wandering around, even when fumbling in the dark with my camera and all its paraphernalia to prepare for the next shot! 🙂

Here are some of those pictures of Frankfurt…

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German Engineering

Whilst out with friends on Friday, I found myself talking about BBC Radio 4 shipping forecasts and trade deficit figures, and even though we managed to have a laugh about this, we all agreed that I needed to get out more! Now I’m not sure a weekend visiting German railways was quite what everyone had in mind, but that’s exactly what I decided to do.  Continue reading

A Very Special Holiday

Honfleur. Photo credit: © iStock/PictureReflex

I recently stood on the outside deck of the ferry and thought back to when I first travelled across this sea on a school trip to France. I then fast forwarded through all the crossings I have made since – family holidays when our kids were young, taking my seriously ill dad on the trip of a lifetime, visiting my mom who had moved abroad, moving abroad myself, visiting universities with my kids and the regular trips to see my family back in England.

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